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Cantonese Courses
for Beginner

Smiling Students Sitting Together
Learning Together

Here's an opportunity for your child to learn Cantonese! Building confidence comes first! No reading and writing to start with,

but more on simple speaking and Chinese traditional character(繁體字)recognition. We shall also cover jyutping (粵拼). Games, videos and projects will also be included.

Native or near-native in English or an European language with Cantonese / Chinese
as heritage language.
British Born or European Born Chinese are welcome!

Working Comfortably



Number of students per group: 4 to 6

 Duration: 1 hour per lesson ​

Medium of instruction: mainly English with gradual increase in Cantonese upon students' improvement

Fee (per student):

- £12 or €14/ lesson, 4 lessons/ month

- If your child is a new-comer, or you register for the course within 24 hours after the briefing session, your child would be offered a free trial lesson

(i.e. the first lesson)

- Register with 1 friend: £10.5 or €12.5/ lesson

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