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New Cantonese Programme for Beginners (BBC/European Born Chinese)⭐

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Presenting to you our brand new Cantonese programme for beginners!

In this online course, we aim to teach children aged 6 to 14 Cantonese in a local way, especially those who are new to this language.

Target students: children who are native or near-native in English or an European language, with Cantonese / Chinese as heritage language. British Born or European Born Chinese are welcome to join!

As for the teaching language, we mainly teach in English, and would be building children's confidence with gradual increase in Cantonese upon their improvement. We believe that it is particularly important to let children develop and maintain their motivation for learning Cantonese, when they are living in an English-speaking environment.

First, no reading and writing to start with! We will more focus on simple speaking and Chinese traditional character(繁體字)recognition. Jyutping(粵拼)will also be covered. Children would be exposed to Cantonese through engaging activities such as games and role plays, considering their specific needs in listening, speaking or reading. Feel free to join our trial lessons if you are interested!

Fee (per student): - £11 or €13/ lesson, 4 lessons/ month - If your child is a new-comer, or you register for the course within 24 hours after the briefing session, your child would be offered a free trial lesson (i.e. the first lesson) - Register with 1 friend: £10 or €12/ lesson; Register with 2 friends: £8.5 or €10.5/ lesson Promotion path: qualified students can move to our SP1 or GCSE courses in future.

Looking forward to seeing you and child in class soon.


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